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Owning our Feelings with Walkiria De Jesus

December 19, 2019

Expert Walkiria De Jesus, school psychologist with the Osceola County School District, discusses mental health and the importance of owning our feelings.

Mental health is an essential part of our lives and our stability. It’s important to accept that you are feeling a certain way. 

Why is it important to express our emotions?

Our emotions have a lot to do with our ability to feel comfortable about owning them. Keys to this are:

  • Naming those feelings
  • Defining the problem

If you don't feel comfortable saying how you feel openly, write your emotions down by journaling.

You can write everything out on a piece of paper and you will feel a sense of freedom because no one is judging you. These are your own words, your own emotions. You can even cry as you're doing it and release all the stress. This strategy will help make you feel like you can actually fix those feelings.

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